Üsküdar University Equivalence Certificate Announcement

Dear Our Student,

As you know, you must submit your certificate of equivalence, showing that your high school education is equivalent to the Turkish high schools, to the student affairs unit within 45 days after completing your registration to the university. You temporarily cannot access your OBS account, because you have not completed this period and submitted your equivalence certificate to us.

The restriction on the OBS account does not apply to STIX and ALMS. At the stage of obtaining your equivalence certificate, you can attend your classes, take your exams, but cannot see your grades.         

Students living abroad can apply for recognition without coming to Turkey if there is an educational consultancy / attaché in the Turkish Foreign Representative office in the relevant country. After receiving your document, if it is e-signed, you can send an e-mail to ogrenciislerigrup@uskudar.edu.tr with your student number. If it is wet signed, you must submit it to the central campus’ (Block A) Student Affairs Section.

You must submit your equivalence certificate to student affairs until 9.April.2021. Students who do not submit their documents, they will not be able to access OBS.


Documents Required For Equivalence Application

  1. Application form; Download it from the website: https://edenklik.meb.gov.tr
  2. High school diploma (with translation)
  3. High school transcripts (with translation)
  4. Student certificate (which is from the Student Affairs)
  5. A copy of your residency permit (if you have)

How can I make an appointment?

Please use this website to apply for equivalency certificate: https://edenklik.meb.gov.tr (Online Application) Fill the form with your personal information, then upload your all documents, after that choose an equivalency center. Later on, choose closest date and hour for your appointment. Lastly, click approve button and complete your application.

Wishing you a successful and healthy semester

Note:  The student is required to go to the Ministry of Education Branch (Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı) that the appointment was booked at the time to submit the documents.