12 September 2023

Barrier-Free University

Based on the awareness that the right to education is one of the most important constitutional rights for all individuals who make up the society, it is one of our main priorities to determine the academic, administrative, physical, psychological, housing and social needs of special students and to take the necessary measures to facilitate their education and training life in this direction, to make arrangements in this direction and to evaluate the results of the studies carried out.

As Üsküdar University Health, Culture and Sports Directorate, with all our units; aware of the diversity and difference of our students, aware of the importance of creating a culturally sensitive and accessible ecosystem, we act with the mission of removing the restrictions on their academic success and education by providing a supportive and well-resourced environment for students with disabilities and helping them develop their self-awareness and independence as individuals.

Our main objectives are to support all disabled students studying at Üsküdar University in the educational, social and cultural fields and to contribute to the creation of a pioneering university where all obstacles are overcome, to carry out publication activities for students and lecturers at higher education level, to prepare documents that provide information to lecturers about the limitations of disabled or disabled students and the arrangements to be made, to increase the level of awareness, to provide consultancy services to those concerned, to provide in-service training when necessary and to develop programs and projects on these issues.

At the same time, Üsküdar University Disability Care and Rehabilitation Program and our Health, Culture and Sports Directorate maintain interactive communication and provide the necessary support to our students with special needs.

It is our priority to create equality of opportunity for students with special needs in all areas by carrying out the necessary studies so that they can benefit equally from all academic, physical infrastructure and social facilities of the university. Based on the prioritized participation of students with disabilities, we work in cooperation with other relevant units of the university in all activities and ensure that arrangements are made to ensure accessibility of all facilities. We also support our students with a sense of responsibility to ensure their full participation in university life and to provide services to increase their academic success.

In addition, the student who applies to the unit also has individual responsibility for these processes. No information about students is shared with any person or institution.

In summary, Üsküdar University Disabled Students Unit Management was established by the Rector of Üsküdar University under the responsibility of a Vice Rector to identify the academic, administrative, physical, psychological, housing and social needs of disabled students and to determine what needs to be done to meet these needs, to plan, implement, develop and evaluate the results of these studies. The working procedures and principles of the Disabled Student Unit have been prepared in accordance with Article 8 of the Higher Education Institutions Disability Consultation and Coordination Regulation.

You can see below the necessary structures in terms of ease of use in the existing areas of our private students at our university.

For more questions, suggestions and requests, you can fill out the form via this link.

Visually impaired walkway;
These walkways that appeal to the sense of touch for the visually impaired and provide them with guidance, i.e. tactile surfaces, are available in every area.

There are disabled restrooms in all our units in accordance with the standards.

There are warnings, signs and signs for students with special needs.

There are disabled ramps at entrances, exits and in all areas where they are needed.