Setting Up A Club

Students wishing to establish a club must apply to the SKS Directorate.

The steps to follow in club setup;

Firstly, I will contact the SKS directorate about the club activity area that I think I can establish.
I will get the necessary documents to establish a club at
I'll fill out the club Setup petition.
I'll create a seven-person founding member list. (For membership)
I choose my counselor, fill in the advisor request form, and sign it.
I'll have the club charter ready, read every page and sign it with the founding members.
I’ll read every page of the club directives, signed by the founding members and the consultant supervisor.
I'll prepare my activity plan. (I will plan my activities in advance.)
I'll deliver my documents to SKS.
I’ll make the presentation of the club I want to establish to the Coordination Board.
I will wait for the Coordination Board to approve the club establishment.
After the approval of the club's establishment, I will start the first general assembly under the supervision of my consultant supervisor.
You can find the relevant files in the "Forms" tab.