12 September 2023

Event Procedure

  • The activities to be held must be decided by the board of directors of the club and must be recorded in the decision book in advance.
  • Event applications must be made at least 15 days in advance by filling out the Event Request Form in writing or at sks.uskudar.edu.tr and submitting it to the Health, Culture and Sports Directorate.
  •  The list containing the name-surname, Turkish ID number, student number, department, contact number of the students participating in the event must be given to the Health, Culture and Sports Directorate after the event.
  • Event announcements must be made after the approval process is completed. No changes regarding the event should be requested after the approval granted by the Rector's Office.
  • Each student club must submit the photographs and camera recordings of their activities to the Directorate of Health, Culture and Sports in digital format and the reports in bound and file form.
  • In all kinds of student activities organized on and off campus, behaviors and attitudes that are not in accordance with general social rules should be avoided. Club managers who tolerate such behaviors at events will be held responsible.
  • In external events, if the transportation will be carried out by external transportation companies, the documents related to the travel document of the carrier vehicles approved by the official authorities, the model and license plate number of the vehicle, the contact information of the driver, the accident insurance of the passengers must be submitted to the Health, Culture and Sports Directorate.

In case of cancellations due to non-compliance with the procedure, we kindly ask you to show the necessary sensitivity to the issue, considering the fact that not only the organizers of the event but also our University will suffer.

**Fill out the event request form and submit it to the SKS Directorate by hand with wet signature. Click here for the form.