Student Council


About the Council

The Student Council is an official non-political unit of the Rectorate, which respects student rights in education, health, sports, and the cultural needs of students in the universities.

In Üsküdar University, student representatives are determined through elections. Students' representatives from the various faculties come together to form the Üsküdar University Student Council. The aim of these units is to investigate the problems in our university, to conduct research and to evaluate the solutions in education, research and student services, to present the results to the relevant units and to be able to follow up on these evaluations.


To determine the problems of the students in higher education institutions, to convey their opinions and thoughts to the relevant management bodies of the higher education institution,

Developing social awareness projects in cooperation with civil society organizations and encouraging student participation from higher education institutions in these projects,

To make the university process lively by preparing social, cultural and academic projects,

To conduct studies for the participation of Students for national and international "education and youth programs",

To develop mutual relations with national and international student associations and organizations,

Establishing working groups in the fields of food, transportation, housing, club, scholarship, education, sports, culture and arts and ensuring their operability.

For Information and Communication:

LOCATION: Çarşı Campus 1st Floor Room 118