13 September 2023

What is the Contribution of Social Studies to School Success?

Whatever your major, we have listed the best ways to meet new people and improve your social relationships. Enjoy your reading!

What is the Contribution of Social Studies to School Success?

Is it only grades and exam results that make us successful? Perhaps we need to look more broadly.

What comes to mind when you think of socializing? Socializing is basically making new connections, discovering new interests, and having unlimited fun. Some may think that these factors have nothing to do with school success, but rather lead to failure. However, recent research proves that the social environment also plays an active role in success. Before we start this article, put aside all your reservations about socializing. Because in this article, we will explain how socialization contributes to school success and what you can do to socialize.

What to Do to Become a Social Student?

Throughout your university life you have many opportunities to meet new people. In the early years, you may not feel confident enough to socialize. But remember that, unless there are extreme circumstances, you will be at this school for at least two years and most of your day will be spent here. So there is no need to feel alienated. On the contrary, you can be a social butterfly on campus with your friends. So what can you do to socialize on campus?

  1. Spend your free time on campus
  2. Participate in Club Events
  3. Create One-on-One Dialogues
  4. Get Involved in Sports Teams
  5. Take Time to Socialize
  6. Strengthen your bond with your classmates

Whatever your major, we have listed the best ways to meet new people and improve your social relationships. If you are ready, let's examine this list in more detail!

1- Spend Your Free Time on Campus

Unlike being at school only during class hours, you are much more likely to meet new people by spending time on campus. Instead of heading home immediately after class, spend a few hours wandering around campus. This could be the dining hall, cafeteria, lobby or library. Eat your food, drink your coffee, sit for a while and study. The more you feel like you belong on campus, the more potential friendships you will make. This doesn't necessarily have to be laughing or having fun, finding study buddies to study with is also an option for socializing. Be friendly, don't hesitate to say hello to people and most importantly don't forget that they are in the same or close age group as you!

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2- Participate in Club Activities

Universities not only provide education, but also organize various social events for you to have a pleasant time. You can follow your university's social media accounts to be informed about events. In addition, most of the student events are organized by the Department of Health, Culture and Sports. For this reason, you can access the event calendar on the web page and through accounts such as instagram, twitter and linkedin. You can get together with students who have the same interests as you and have the opportunity to meet them. Club events are a great option for socializing on campus. You can also expand your social networks by joining a student club that suits your interests.

3- Establish One-on-One Dialogues

To strengthen your friendships, you can spend one-on-one time and plan get-togethers. Whether it's your classmates or any other friends on campus, doing activities outside of class will help you become more friendly and sincere with each other. Having coffee, shopping or going to the movies are just a few of the countless activities you can do during the day. Don't be afraid to take the first step, often the key to socializing is taking the first step.

4- Join Sports Teams

If you love being active and want to incorporate it into your daily routine, joining your university's sports team is a great opportunity for you. Sports clubs are open to all students, whether you have been interested in a single sport for many years or you want to try something you have never done before. The first thing you need to do is to explore the active student clubs and choose the ideal club for you. Moreover, you do not need to be a professional athlete for this. Over time, you will form a bond with the team members and this bond will positively affect you not only in your educational life but also after graduation.

5- Make Time for Socializing

Maintaining a balance between social and academic life are two of the most important elements on the road to success. In order to relax your mind and make time for your friends, you first need to create a plan. While doing this planning, make sure you allocate enough time for your classes and prioritize your assignments that are due soon. In this way, you will be able to get your priorities out of the way and spend the rest of your time socializing. The factor that will affect your motivation the most will be taking homework out. Because in this way, you will not get anything out of the time you spend outside, nor will you be able to do your homework the way you want. When planning, try to maintain a balance between your studies and your friends.

6- Strengthen Bonds with Classmates

First of all, your classmates have similar goals and ideals to you. You can get different opinions on a topic and broaden your perspective. But this requires a healthy communication environment. The way you speak, the way you dress or your skills are the basic criteria for creating your own circle of friends. You can also expand your social circle by participating in teamwork. Being active, sociable and sociable are some of the qualities that will make you stand out among your friends. Therefore, you can create your own social circle by making time for your classmates.

Student life is a great time for laughing and having fun as well as spending hours at your desk. First of all, be prepared to meet a lot of people with different characteristics at university. Socializing at university is a combination of multiple factors and requires assertiveness. A little advice; don't stop yourself from attending university events, spending time with your friends, walking around the campus.

We hope that this article will serve as a guide throughout your university life and that you will find something of your own!

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